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Our Work –

We were able to help over 500 youth and families this past year with resources including food, clothing, household goods, books, bikes, linens, beds and holiday gifts.

We also purchased numerous Recreation Center memberships for the children and many of them were able to attend summer camps.  Our clothing closet has helped over 100 families this past year and many thanks to those who have donated clothing.  We have also been able to buy needed items (underwear, socks…) thanks to your financial donations.

We started a Yoga program at the Va. Beach Detention Center in January 2020 and the residents really seemed to enjoy it!   We are on hiatus due to the virus but hope to start again soon.

This has been a very hard  year for many families and children and we are doing what we can to help them through these trying times.  

CHRISTMAS 2020 – We were able to help 48 families and 124 children during the holidays.  Special thanks to the Linkhorn Cove Civic League!  They adopted some families and provided presents.  It was a great event – please see pictures on our “Gallery” page.

CHILI COOK-OFF – We did not have a Chili Cook-Off this year but will have one in the fall.  Our 7th Annual Chili Cook-Off in October 2018 was a  success and we want to thank all of those who participated and contributed raffles prizes!  Special thanks to Total Wine & More, Becca at the Cavalier, Aldo’s, Cobalt Grille, Lash CEO, Pilates Fitness Club, Sabrina’s Hair Salon, Trader Joe’s and the Wyndham for their donations.   Please visit Our Gallery for pictures from past years.



Our Mission

FRIENDS exists to help youth who come to the attention of the Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court. We are dedicated to providing charitable time, programs and resources to embrace at-risk youth and families with the help and support of a caring Virginia Beach community.

Our Work

FRIENDS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1991. We receive referrals from social workers, police officers, probation officers, schools and attorneys. The Virginia Beach Court Service Unit accepts both volunteers and interns.

To find out more about how YOU can help donate to at-risk youth and families, visit our donation page.